Jongjin Jaden Lee

  • Ph.D. candidate in Graduate School of PS&IR, SNU
  • BS and MS from SNU with a major in International Relations.
  • Former Staff Researcher in the Institute of International Relations at Seoul National University(2016-2019).


North America, United States, Sweden, U.S. foreign Policy, Intelligence in policymaking, International Security&Defense, Cyber Security Strategy, Security Strategy, Military Revolution, GPS, UAV, Satellite


Jongjin (Jaden) Lee received a BA and MS from Seoul National University with a major in International Relations. Lee is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in International Relations at Seoul National University.


  • Lee. 2019. “Swedish Cyber Security Strategy: Information Sharing and International Cooperation(in Korean).” Sangbae Kim eds. National Cyber Security Strategies. Seoul:
  • Excellence Award. 2019. 1st INSS Emerging Security Papers Awards. Institute of National Security Strategy.
  • Lee. 2018. “U.S. Cyber Security Strategy on International Cooperation: Asia-Pacific regional Strategy and U.S.-Japan Linkage(in Korean).” Sangbae Kim and Byeongwon Min eds. An International Relations Prospects on Cyber Security.
  • Lee. 2016. “U.S.-Japan Cyber Security Policy and Security Alliances in the Asia-Pacific region(in Korean).” U.S., Japan, and Korean Cyber Security Policy. The Korean Association of International Studies(KAIS) 60th annual conference. 2nd Dec.


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